A happy visitor to Westerham Brewery

Eyewitness account from a happy visitor to Westerham Brewery...........Saturday, early June, late afternoon sunshine and the diary empty of other commitments.......what better place than to head over to Westerham Brewery by Westerham Valley Farm? Plenty of car parking space, outside tables (re-think your plans if it’s raining!), lots of people of all ages milling around, eating excellent home made burgers from the food truck and washing it down with local beers, delicious wines that haven’t travelled for miles (although there is an excellent choice of wines from all over the world too) or if you’re into the serious stuff, locally produced gins. We went hoping for a good early evening out but came away with a feeling that far exceeded our expectations.

This place will become a destination very soon I’m sure. Discover it now before everybody else does!